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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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and the rest became history. deficit two. quarter of a minute left. played back in. he has gotten an outdoor victory, his first. he was the backup to jimmy howard at michigan stadium. the red wings pick up points 72 and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host
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selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for
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field so long from denver. worthington states and hundred of delegates are at stake. can donald trump and hillary clinton be beaten? >> this time the winter hillary clinton is overwhelming. >> we're going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything. we're not taking any one for granted. >> south carolina democrats most of them african-american voted for the longtime favorite.
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smart and capable woman. we tied in texas and i think we have a good chance of winning texas. ted cruz's home state where crews needs the votes. >> pick a side. and i will tell you this, when it comes to picking a side, i picked a side and i stand against washington the with the american people. >> marco rubio on paper can still be trump, and their fight is dirty. >> he's got a little mouth on him. >> the guy with the worst fake tan in america. >> i thought ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse.'s way back that
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gearing up for the march 15 primary. to presidential headquarters are opening this weekend. the one for bernie sanders is located in durham. it will be his main headquarters and opens tomorrow. >> today with the official opening for donald trump's headquarters and fayetteville. this is the canada's first officer opened in north carolina. each of the offices is to build voters support. >> north carolina's march 15 primary will be a historic election center will be the first time voters will be expected to show id before they vote. >> >> reporter: the vote is the most important thing that a citizen has.
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everyone to know they've got a fight. when you mess with their voting rights, you've got a fight on your hands. >> the group is upset about the voter id law which went into effect january 1. >> whether it is a general election, a presidential election or a primary, the right to vote is fundamental. and should not be denied. >> they tried to fight the vote saying it was unconstitutional to put an unfair burden on black and hispanic voters. >> we charge those laws because of what they're going to do but also because of the purpose with which they were enacted. >> even though the law requires identification the the ballot the naacp says everyone should vote even if they don't have one. >> every eligible voter should be able to pass the ballot this march.
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listing 3000 communities and 4500 volunteers to educate voters. >> we're going to organize and county throughout both carolina, going to further organize and 90 counties because we understand the fight is on. >> north carolina is sending a message to this nation. do not play politics with the right to vote. >> after speaking with the media the group got to work on the mission. with including the naacp will have 700 poll state. they will hope odors cast ballots. >> the naacp talked about his disappointment with the new congressional maps. the group feels the map should of been built by a nonpartisan group. the map had to be redrawn after
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lawmakers came up with the new map and it has caused the vote to move. >> we posted a full explanation congressional districts. >> breaking news tonight. raleigh police and tried to figure out who robbed the north there's always start. it happened about 6:30 this evening dice evening at thinks jewelry and north tells. >> fortunately police tell us there were not many people in the store at the time. the releases picture which is a little blurry but gives you an idea of what the robber looks like. you can see he is in a blue jumpsuit and is about 6 feet tall. a vigil honor the memory of nick bell the 20-year-old who was shot and killed last month. the victim of this year's first homicide interim. we spoke to family and friends who say they are desperate to end the violence in their city. >> they came together and
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they prayed. they reflected. the focus, nick bell who was shot and killed in january. >> he wanted to be in the military to support his family and make a difference in the world. i hate that he did not get that. >> next mother and his eight other sisters and brothers are heartbroken over the last. police fell bell's body behind the house behind -- on ashe street interim. the vigil will close by. the first time the family has been back to the area. >> the child -- the children didn't have the closure of coming back to the area. >> two men have since been arrested. next death was a birth hot -- first homicide interim and 2016. as part of a growing problem and according to the mayor's office the number of homicides have doubled.
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violent crimes. the mayor told the crowd the us department of justice came in at his request. they're also looking to cities like baltimore in kansas city for guidance. >> wearing that hands because of the council and the administration. >> his legacy will always live. we will constantly do this once a year in remembrance of nick. >> and the hope that more young lives are not lost in this ongoing violence. good evening. we've got clear skies out there right now. temperatures are cooling down. it's 40 degrees and raleigh and 37 interim. down and around freezing up along the virginia border so the heat that we had today, it got up to about 52, is going
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and 40 degrees back in fayetteville. skies are clear. this is a quiet map. you gotta go down to florida to see a few clouds. with high pressure right over as that is what is causing the clear skies. tomorrow we will get on the backside and start to warm up. it will not be as cold as a was this morning. we were in the 20s. very close to freezing as we look ahead torture sunday night is called at 9 am with 44 degrees max. 59 and noon and sunday and you can see the future cast. it looks like a blank map. no clouds. it will stay mild to clear for the rest of the day. a very nice 64 degrees. we will come back with our next weather maker. there with some rain in the forecast. a sad night tonight for the lady shot bears. for the first time in school
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final game and lost. they took him virginia union university wits -- which took an early lead. the final score 70-66. the lady bears may shift their focus to the ncaa tournament. will run the subject to basketball, we want to remind you that wncn will be the home for march madness. will we become your cbs station
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>> a group -- dramatic video of just take a look at this video. cards were waiting at a red light and are syntaxes with a dump truck flout that's plow to the intersection and slammed into cars. that dump truck into going through a concrete barrier and ended up at the bottom of a creek. it is not clear what caused the tribe that's driver to lose control. he and four others were taken to the hospital. >> a rally in california came to an end after a klansman and protesters clash leading to three stabbings. at the demonstration police say klansman's were greeted by counter protesters who were attacked the group. according
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protesters were stabbed in separate incidents. one protester was stabbed by a klansman using the eagle on top of a flagpole. police arrested three counter protesters seen stopping a klansman. in all, 13 people were arrested. ready to move forward. that's how people in the town of feeling after a business there. three people were killed and 14 others injured when cedric ford went on a shooting spree inside the plant on thursday. investigators are trying to figure out why it happened. today city leaders spoke about the community that remains tightknit. have adopted a new phrase, heston strong. >> we're not going to let this the finest. we will find strength in this to move forward. >> tomorrow there will be a town hall meeting for residents to come together and talk about what happened. we're not yet 24 hours into this is power but about the us
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the agreement went into effect at midnight friday local time. since been a noticeable calm has come over war-torn towns. john kerry is looking for new ways to make the tree so success. guaranteed. >> reporter: any attempt to fully in the violence in syria is going to be relative at best with the syrian coalition accusing the regime of at least 15 violations of the so-called cessation of hostilities that took place according to the syrian coalition throughout the country where they accuse forces of firing heavy machine guns, artillery and at least one instance, dropping barrel bombs in an area just outside of the city. this is an area that is controlled by the al
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cessation of hostilities. the areas that do have civilians among them. that being said, and most of the country the skies were quiet. no russian fighter jets pounding areas as they have in the past going after civilian targets and deliberately according to a number of aid organizations. in the rebel held part that have seen the most intense bombardment by barrel bombs, there were none. this allowed children to go out and play without fear. this allowed the parents to be able to see them, at least for a brief period of time, act relatively speaking normal. with residents saying they could hardly believe that they were able to pass hours without hearing the terrifying sounds
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in the skies. in damascus, it has seen little violence. people in some instances saying they were doubtful the cessation of hostilities would hold. others saying they would really hope that will bring about a more long-term solution. isis is not a part of this agreement. there were reported clashes between isis and the regime forces as well as isis and kurdish biting forces. not a part of this agreement either with us leader coming out and warning other rebel groups not to fall for this paul that exploit. it was an attempt to force opposition to give van to the regime. for so many, it is bringing about perhaps a little bit of hope that at this stage, humanitarian aid that is so
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it's in the form of food supplies or medical assistance. it is so desperately needed. here's something to keep an eye on. peyton manning may be ready to announce his retirement. according to what he page and the denver post the announcement will come sometime next week. the broncos quarterback who turns 40 years old of march just claimed his second career super bowl title earlier this month. it has been confirmed that if manny does plan to retire, he has not informed the broncos of his plans. >> yoko ono is at home recovering after spending the night in the hospital after coming down with severe flulike symptoms. report suggested she hits suffered a stroke which he checked in to a new york city hospital. the 83-year-old apparently did
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that in tweeted out the a list of she had was a stroke of genius. he went on to say she is fine. mac cosmetics is teaming up with caitlin gender. this makes it the most hyped profile trends gender started get the cosmetic contract. all proceeds from the sale will go toward programs aimed at transgender communities. she was previously known as bruce jenner. he was a good -- and olympic gold medalist in the 70s. it is oscars week in a well everyone to be to will when we want to talk about the food. here's a look at how the stars will be after the show was done.
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[music] after eating all day by 10:00 o'clock at night everyone is hungry. especially some of the women because they did not eat all week so they could fit in their dresses. >> i like the variety. we do so many different dishes and that's really exciting. you don't have to have one big plate but you eat a lot of little things.[music] >> desserts. let's talk about desserts. >> i love sugar. i'm sure the other stuff was good to. speaking of good tomorrow's weather, beautiful. >> 40 degrees right now is a little chilly but it started out
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to get? let's go to the rays of sunshine and try to figure that out. we've got a pretty good number and i think you are going to like this. we're going to see about all you can get. it will be nice and sunny tomorrow. the radar is clear and the satellites clear. nothing out there except some chilling temperatures. 29 itself will virginia. 40 in raleigh, 40 in fayetteville. as recycled to these ill-fated we will be down into the 30s by 6:30. those are the our lease. some areas along the virginia border are going to see below freezing temperatures. sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures, 38 at eight a clock in them and will be in the 50s attend. we should into the 60s today's high will be 52. i thought we did up to 64 degrees back in the afternoon and back into the 50s at 6:00 o'clock. our next weather maker
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there will be a cold front. the best time to see some showers in the morning to the midday hours, scattered showers and amounts under half-inch. there might be a little rumble of thunder. may be an isolated -- isolated thunderstorm and if used despots. you'll feel it tomorrow but it's a warm direction and you feel the sunshine and here this one on monday definitely dries out as a comes over the mountains. just a few clouds so well forecast partly sunny skies. temperatures will be in the 60s. desai races bias on tuesday. we will be partly sunny during the day. as we head for his wednesday, we will start the future cast at 6 pm. this area will come away with the rain showers wednesday morning. as we take a look at the forecast for tomorrow after
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maybe some upper 20s and virginia we ill see 66 in pinehurst tomorrow. 66, fayetteville. sanford with a to 12 mi./h. along the coastal plain 64 looks like a pretty popular number. benson and clinton will be 65 and the triangle, 64 again. durum, siler city. 60 joe -- 62 in rocks pro. as we took a look at things you will see on sunday 64 degrees. not as cold as this morning when we were in the 20s. a little chilly if you're heading out to church. the afternoon looks great. take a walk or something.
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the big thing for us is it cbs they hear ever going to become the cbs affiliate on monday. we can't wait to celebrate with their conditions. and try cold front. a few clouds in the afternoon. still miles in in the 60s. on tuesday 68 degrees with some partly sunny skies. wednesday is the next weather maker -- weather maker. 60 degrees and scattered showers during the morning hours. by drivetime, things will be clearing out and we will drop into the 50s. thursday 55 and then another system comes on friday. becomes a little further south. a little chillier. on friday you're going to see 48 degrees with rick -- areas of rain with a slight risk in the day by saturday partly sunny and clearing of 49 degrees. a little chillier next saturday then tomorrow. tomorrow will be great. >> the whole beginning of the week looks gorgeous. >> coming up next, an
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